the State of Maine

The location of Fire Gold.

The above photo shows my town harbor on the coast of Maine. I was a sign painter when I moved here. Painting and gilding names on boats became my specialty within the first year. I enjoy brush lettering more than building and installing signs. Matching a boat name with an appropriate letter style and color is often an interesting problem to solve. It allows me to use many letter forms and work in beautiful locations. Below are some scenes from around the penninsula of St. George, Maine.

My previous shop was just two miles from my present shop. It was attached to a humble sea captain's house, built in the 1860s. I like antiques and enjoyed living in an antique house. When fire engines became a large part of my work, my shop of 900 sq ft felt too small.

Port Clyde is at the tip of the peninsula. From there you can take the mail boat to Monhegan Island and photograph the wild artists in their natural habitat.

Allow me to show you a few other scenes from beyond the St. George penninsula...

old photo of lobstering.