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     Below is a chart of the most common colors of vinyl that I use. Of course black and white are also available. These samples are just approximations of the actual vinyl colors. These colors will look slightly different on different computer monitors. If you print this chart, the colors will look different as ink on paper than they do here. For most jobs this chart is close enough to select a color.

     There are more colors of vinyl than shown on this chart. If you want a special color I will hunt for it.  Each vinyl manufacturer sells a unique selection of colors. I buy from several suppliers to get a good variety of colors. Over the past few years manufacturers have been discontinuing many colors. I can no longer find a powder blue or a warm cream color. If you need an existing vinyl boat name replace or repaired, it may not be possible to match colors if your older job is in an obsolete color.

Light Blue

Olympic Blue

Vivid Blue

Sapphire Blue

Light Navy

Tomato Red

Cardinal Red



Dark Blue



Bright Green

Dark Green

Forest Green


Harvest Gold

Dark Yellow

Bright Yellow


Antique White

Light Gray

Medium Gray

Dark Gray



Vinyl also comes in metallic colors. Satin gold and satin silver vinyl look quite nice on boats. They have a matt surface and are slightly reflective. They are not actually metal and cost less that the metal laminate materials discussed lower on this page.. They will match a gold or silver painted stripe on a boat quite well. They last longer than metallic enamel paint, but not as long as some vinyl colors.

Gold AwlGrip spray paint lasts longer than vinyl or enamel paint. I can cut and apply a mask of a name and then it can be sprayed with AwlGrip paint at a boat yard. Fiberglass hulls are often sprayed with AwlGrip paint. When the lettering is also Awlgrip the results are very durable. If you ever plan on changing the name, use vinyl and not Awlgrip. Vinyl names can be removed quite quickly while an Awlgrip name requires the entire transom to be sanded and repainted.

Below are two names using satin silver and satin gold vinyl for their outlines. Notice how the outline can appear dark or light depending on the way light reflects off it.

It is now possible to get 22 karat gold laminated under clear vinyl. This product resembles hand done gold leaf more than gold colored vinyl or gold paint. It comes in several textures that help it catch the light. It is cheaper than a hand applied gold leaf name and it is just as durable.

The APPLES and FAIRWEATHER above are in a 22 karat gold pattern called Florentine. The letters EP to the left are in a pattern called Engine Turned or Coining. This comes in three different sized "coins" of 1.75, .85, or .3 inch diameters.

The boat WOMBAT below shows the laminate in matt finish with no texture. Without the texture to catch the light, it usually looks like gold paint or gold colored vinyl. It is very subtle and hardly any of my customers choose it.

The WINDSOR CRAFT logo is done in an aluminum laminate. This comes in the "hammered" texture shown here that looks like a frost pattern or melting ice. It also comes in the Florentine pattern and in a finish that has a gold appearance, though it is actually aluminum.

Click on the links below to see other aspects of designing a boat name.

Next is one page showing a variety of jobs I have used vinyl on. Then there are five pages of fonts I have used on boats. I usually do the hailing port in a simple Block Style and the name in a Roman Style. For example, the boat name above, WOMBAT is done in the first font on the Roman Fonts 1 page, and the hail WILMINGTON, DE is done in the first font on the Block Fonts page.

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