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Fonts can not be easily classified into families. I am calling the styles on this page "Block" because they have strokes that are all approximately the same width. These fonts are simple and bold. Font number One is what I use for the majority of hailing ports on boats. It is simple and easy to read. It will not compete with a more artistic font used for the boat name. I often use this font in a thinner style so it is even less noticeable.

Any of these fonts can be used for a hailing port, or for secondary copy on a sign. They have enough class to be used for a boat name if you want a no-nonsense bold look.

Font names can be confusing. The same font may have two different names in two different programs or font collections. This has to do with copyrighting laws. You may have a lot of the fonts shown here on your computer, but with other names.

humanist  1
optima  2
percepta  3
laudatio  4
newstyle  5
novarese  6
maiandra  7
litho   8
vag  9
eras  10
eurostile  11
zurich  12

avant garde  13

futura   14
chesham  15
castle  16

Click on the links below to see other aspects of choosing a letter style for a boat.

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